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Your Bus. Your Route. Your Schedule.

Whether in the industrial or harbour zone, downtown, in the surrounding villages or the business park, in Bus Simulator 18, you experience up-close the exciting everyday life of a bus driver in a vast and freely drivable urban area. Get behind the wheel of your 8 original licensed city buses from the great brands of Mercedes-Benz, Setra, MAN, and IVECO BUS and transport your passengers safely and punctually to their destinations, either solo in single player mode, or with friends in real-time multiplayer mode.

As a bus driver in the 12 different districts, you’ll face the challenges of the traffic in a big city and everything that entails. Don’t be deterred by freak weather conditions, potholes, traffic jams, fare evaders, accidents, construction sites, night driving and specific passenger requests. On the contrary, take full control of your bus, earn money, gain a good reputation owing to your safe and punctual driving style and enjoy almost limitless driving pleasure in the authentic urban locations. Use the thousands of miles of virtual roads and streets to gain new districts, new buses and new customisation options.

With the extensive modding support of Bus Simulator 18 there are no limits: create routes, build your own buses, create bus liveries, design new maps and share them with the community, or download and install the modding content available from the Steam Workshop to enhance your game experience.

But drive carefully with the buses you build! Don’t cause any damage or accidents and watch out for the speed cameras located around the city, or it could have a negative effect on your reputation, not to mention your wallet.

So, what are you waiting for? Your shift has already started!

Features of Main Game

  • 8 officially licensed buses from 4 leading manufacturers
  • Asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer mode (for up to 4 players)
  • A map of approx. 5.8 square miles with 12 authentic urban districts
  • Comprehensive management element and progression system
  • For novices and pros: play in simplified or realistic mode
  • Modding: create routes, buses, liveries and maps, and share them with the community (PC Only)
  • Support for popular steering wheels, gamepads, Tobii eye tracking and TrackIR
  • Different weather conditions and day and night mode
  • Numerous incidents in the bus, including fare dodgers or loud music
  • Challenging traffic situations, including bus stations, long-distance journeys, potholes, traffic jams and accidents

Features of Official Map Extension

  • 9 new missions for 10 hours bus driving fun (playtime varies depending on player type).
  • Expand your game by 2 districts, 2 skins, 4 decals and 20 bus stops
  • Many new road miles in the new districts of ‘Kerststadt’ and ‘Sonnstein’
  • Connect an airport and a tourist region to the city center of Seaside Valley
  • Meet new characters such as the consultant for urban development, Michael Bach
  • Enhanced voice-overs of passengers provide more variety (ENG+GER) in your daily life as a bus driver

Screenshots of Main Game

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Screenshots of Official Map Extension

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


License Partner

IVECO MAN Mercedes-Benz Setra



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Standard Edition

The Standard Edition includes the Main Game of Bus Simulator 18 / Bus Simulator for Console.