StillAlive Studios


stillalive studios is an independent game developer founded in early 2010 in Innsbruck, Austria. The talented team has been working on the Bus Simulator franchise for astragon Entertainment since 2015. Following the success of Bus Simulator 16 on PC, the series switched to the Unreal® Engine 4 with Bus Simulator 18. And in 2019 the popular series finally made its debut on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.


Bus Simulator City Ride Bus Simulator 21 Bus Simulator Bus Simulator 18 Bus Simulator 16

Over 500.000 units sold worldwide by August 2020


Tim Schmitz, CEO of astragon Entertainment and Julian Mautner, CEO of stillalive studios



Julian Mautner [CEO]; Sandra Matscher [Office Mama]; Christoph Polus [Producer]; Philipp Arnold [Producer]; Rafael Vigneri [Assistant Producer]; Fanny Hardt [Assistant to CEO]

Robin Eves [Project Manager]; Kay Luthor [Project Managerin]

Martin Kolb [Lead Programmer]; Katja Sonnleitner [Art Director]; Alexander Grenus [Lead Designer]

Andrei Pandelescu [Designer]; Michael Tisler [Live Game Designer]; Nathalie Michel [Game Designer]; Felix Schmid [Junior Technical Game Designer]; Marlon Franz [UX Designer]; Sebastian Böhm [Game Designer]

Manuel Matscher [Lead TechArtist, Infrastructure Manager]; Daniel Ewald Sluschny [TechArtist, Level Designer]; Jason Mathews [TechArtist]; Daniel Uprimny Arcos [Tech Artist]; Marco Hüllen [2d, 3d Artist], Marko Hnelozub [2d, 3d Artist]; Philipp Höhnel [2d, 3d Artist]; Miika Perkola [TechArtist]; Bernhard Hofer [Environment Artist]

Andreas Grois [Programmer]; Thomas Trenkwalder [Programmer]; Jeremias Boos [Programmer]; Hubert Scharfetter [Programmer]; Jan Wosnitza [Programmer]; Josua Kucher [Programmer]; Markus Plankensteiner [Programmer]; Christoph Weidlinger [Programmer]; Michael Staudinger [Programmer]; Tobias Cutik [Programmer]; Alexander Paschinger [Programmer]; Martti Gullström [Programmer]

Tomáš Novák [DevQA]; Alex Luthor [QA Manager]