Bus Simulator 21 - Updates

Bus Simulator 21
PC Hotfix #4, PS4 Hotfix 2.12 & Xbox Hotfix 2.12 - Dec 21., 2021
Bug Fixes
  • Characters now have consistently scaled phones and umbrellas

PC Update #4, PS4 Update 2.0.10 & Xbox Update 2.0.10 - Dec 10., 2021
Performance Improvements
  • Lights on the buses have been optimized for better performance when multiple buses are rendered on screen
  • Trees have been optimized for better performance in scenes where a lot of trees are rendered on screen
  • Night time performance has been improved in areas with a lot of static lamps

New Features
  • Customizable bus displays: LED displays of the buses are now customizable
  • Bug reporting tool: You can now report bugs directly through the pause menu (PC only)
  • Steering wheel diagnostics tool: A steering wheel diagnostics tool has been added to the input settings menu that provides the developers direct information about steering wheels to help us fix any remaining issues experienced by players. This new data will allow us to identify outlying issues (PC only)
  • Static pedestrians are now visible around the map in Angel Shores to add more vibrancy to the city
  • Support for Tobii HORIZON (PC only)

Bug Fixes
  • Setra S 412 UL radio issues are now fixed including fully functioning buttons
  • MAN Lion’s City G A23 now correctly displays the cashier light hint
  • BYD 18m radio is now useable
  • Fix for BYD 12m dashboard buttons missing a material
  • MAN Lion's City G A23 ‘high beam’ button is now implemented and functional
  • MAN A47 Lion’s City now displays the parking brake lever arrow correctly
  • MAN A47 Lion’s City driver window now behaves correctly
  • Tutorial option for Seaside Valley has been removed, so players can start playing the missions as intended
  • In simplified mode the ramp of the buses can now be extended as intended
  • Info cards are now displayed correctly while playing the tutorial mission of Angel Shores

PC Update #3, PS4 Update 2.0.9 & Xbox Update 2.0.9 - Nov 11., 2021
General Fixes
  • Buses don't drive while gear is in neutral
  • Surface Force feedback intensity can now be reset
  • Users can now rebind the action menu button with steering wheels
  • Articulated buses are now less prone to sink into the ground
  • Seaside Valley mission "I Like trains" now completes correctly

General Improvements
  • Adjusted front door and driver seat interactables to be easier to interact with
  • Tobii camera movement is now relative to the initial mouse movement
  • Added popup that informs the player that Seaside valley is available now
  • Sitting in a bus seat now keeps the player view alligned with the bus

PC Update #2, PS4 Update 2.0.8 & Xbox Update 2.0.8 - Oct. 28, 2021
Critical Improvements & New Features
  • Improved on getting access back in save games which doesn’t detect you as the owner
  • Improved performance of missions, including fixing performance issues in mission “Catch them all” unlocking Pecunia
  • Input configurations will be restored correctly in case they get corrupted or deleted
  • Multiplayer features less rubber-banding
  • Destination boards can be set to “Last Stop” mode using the cashier, this will always show the last stop of a route, no matter if driving according to the timetable or doing special trips
  • You can now sit on select seats in your buses - enjoy the ride!

Gameplay Fixes
  • Taking over an empty bus will no longer unnecessarily spawn an NPC driver
  • Description in tutorial as well as reminders for the handicapped ramp will show controls and conditions according to realism setting
  • Improved behavior when shifting into Neutral while driving, naturally slowing down the bus

UI Fixes & Improvements
  • The privacy notice is now available in Korean
  • Selecting the correct bus in collections of multiple buses works without click & hold
  • All the mission goals of mission “More Mansions” are now available in German
  • When having disabled the mini map, it will not reactivate itself after loading a save game
  • Dropdown menus in the settings can be closed by clicking the header again
  • Adjusted names for some key bindings as they were confusing
  • Driver presets can be applied again in the settings
  • Settings can be reset to default
  • Improved readability of company settings

Steering Wheels
  • Updated input library, fixing some steering wheel issues
  • Added additional force feedback settings to allow fine-tuning of feedback

  • Fixed door behavior on Grande West 30ft
  • Fixed sunscreen on IVECO BUS Urbanway 12m
  • Fixed problems with interior ads in MAN A37
  • Fixed driver window on MAN A47
  • Fixed handling on Mercedes-Benz Citaro G
  • Fixed left mirror on Setra S412
  • Fixed right mirror on Setra S417
  • Fixed sunscreen on Setra S417
  • Fixed sunscreen on Volvo Electric 7900 and Volvo Electric 7900 Articulated

  • Improved passenger movement in the front of the MAN 12C
  • Adjusted cashier location on MAN A47
  • Visual quality of buses in the garage menu has been improved

Visual Fixes & Improvements
  • Improved visual quality and performance of shadows on distance for some objects
  • Eyes of pedestrians are visualized correctly again

PC Update #1, PS4 Update 2.0.7 & Xbox Update 2.0.7 - Oct. 5, 2021
Critical Fixes
  • Restoring access to save games you’ve been locked out of (missing permission issue) - you should now have the permission to use these save games again
  • Fixed a potential crash during the tutorial, mostly reported on PS4
  • Prevent writing empty save game files, fixing the future loss of save games (Sadly, lost save games unfortunately can’t be restored)

Improvements & New Features
  • PC only: Saving now creates a backup of the previous save state, which is loaded if the most recent save got corrupted
  • PC only: Added the option to reset controls to default in the Controls Menu (this does not include the steering wheel settings)
  • PC only: Improved the confusing bus selection with keyboard and mouse. Now you can just click and hold to accept your bus choice! The previous method for accepting still works. Nothing changed for controllers.

Gameplay Fixes
  • 'Perfect stopping position' when bus kneeling is on should now be more consistent (previously, the kneeling of the bus often prevented this from happening)
  • NPC drivers will now despawn when they cannot walk to their seat to prevent them from blocking the view in the bus cockpit
  • Passengers no longer suddenly spawn in the bus if another player is driving the bus or if the bus is not on a route
  • When taking over a bus from the depot, it no longer spawns with passengers and puts you directly into the driver seat
  • Fixed a bug where the length and duration of a route was not calculated correctly
  • District names are now only shown once per route

Multiplayer Fixes
  • Player is now assigned the correct route when joining a convoy
  • Joining a convoy should no longer get the camera stuck on the previous bus
  • Ambient assignments didn't show their reward text on clients, now they are shown for both server and client
  • Locked decals are now locked for everyone in a multiplayer session
  • Driven buses, routes and drive events now also show up for clients on the payday screen in multiplayer
  • Improved stability of the back part of bendy buses in multiplayer

UI Fixes
  • Removed empty notification text when trying to activate cashier mode while driving, the camera will also no longer bounce weirdly in this situation
  • General settings options now display the correct tooltip when hovering over them
  • Fixed display of route duration while creating/editing a route
  • Fixed texture of the selection square during bus and character customization. Compared to the white block, it should now look nicer
  • The ramp button in the action menu should now be highlighted correctly
  • Moved the NPC (Non-Player-Character) and NPV (Non-Player-Vehicles) spawn rate settings to the company/session settings as they could crash the game when changed in the main menu
  • PC only: Removed thousands separator from the resolution in the settings menu (1.080 is now 1080)

  • Fixed bendy bus joints. This prevents them from breaking apart when a player walks through them
  • Fixed some seat adjustment issues. Previously, you had to use numpad keys - not every keyboard has those, so now it’s the arrow keys (this can now also be rebound in the controls settings)
  • Fixed wraps on the interior monitors for the MAN Lion’s City CNG Articulated
  • Fixed floating stickers in a Scania bus
  • Fixed wiper animation of MAN Lions City 18C
  • Fixed bus LED displays showing the name of the next station twice
  • PS4 & Xbox only: Fixed a bug with Mercedes-Benz CapaCity Buses where the rear matrix display did not properly show the route info but only the route number

  • Improved steering curve on MAN Lion’s City A26 and Setra S 418 LE Business
  • Added texture to the eCitaro interior lights
  • Increase the intensity of lights in the eCitaro, and improved their performance

General Visual Fixes & Improvements
  • Tweaked “Very High” Shadow Quality a bit, so it looks better than “High”
  • Reduced stretching floors of rooms behind some windows
  • Fixed material of certain rocks when viewed from a distance
  • Improved visual quality of some far away assets and fixed some that were broken
  • PC & PS4 only: Tweaked the quality of some trees when viewed from a distance

Map Fixes
Angel Shores
  • Tutorial no longer gets blocked if the player closes the door before Mira unboards
  • GPS in Mission #2 now always leads to the correct paint shop
  • Made the first voice-over in Mission #2 conditional to prevent it from playing, even when the mission was already partially done
  • Reworked UI Tutorial of Mission #7 “Source and Sink” to make it more stable
  • During the mission “Hop Off”, Mira can no longer get stuck in mid-air if the player doesn’t complete the mission goals as intended
  • Made the Transit Station glass panels transparent again
  • Fixed flying grass at multiple places
  • Moved foliage into the correct sub-tile, which should result in less pop-in
  • Removed some of the landscape holes where people got stuck
  • Fixed player being stuck on an NPC bus de-spawning in depot

Seaside Valley
  • Detection for the first objective of the mission “Take off” now works correctly

General Improvements
  • Improved memory usage of missions

Note for PC:

We are aware of a bug concerning the backup of steering wheel settings. This bug causes the deletion of such settings and hinders you from creating new bindings. Should this come up, you will observe that the binding menu simply closes causing the game to be unresponsive to any inputs. This situation can be solved by deleting the "InputPreset.sav" file in the following location:

C:\ Users\ [UserName]\ AppData\ Local\ BusSimulator21\ Saved\ SaveGames\

We will release a hotfix soon to tackle this issue.

PC Hotfix #3, PS4 Hotfix 2.0.6 & Xbox Hotfix 2.0.6 - Sep. 20, 2021
  • Fixed transit station materials (the good-looking glass is back)
  • Improved crosswalks and pothole fading
  • Improved far distance imposter quality
  • Depth of field is now forced to 0 to prevent blurry pictures
  • Xbox One Base & PS4 Base only: Improved shadow quality
  • PC only: Improved shadow quality on medium settings and performance on higher settings

  • Improved memory usage
    • Tweaked character textures
    • Rock imposters were improved
  • PC only: Improvements to save game stability while exiting the game

  • Fixed emojis not working

  • Decreased the amount of wheelchair passengers spawning

Updates to tackle the extremely frustrating save game issues are currently in the works and we believe to have found a solution. More news will follow very soon - thank you for your patience.
Xbox Hotfix 2.0.5 - Sep. 14, 2021
  • Steering wheel bindings can now be reset in-game
  • Fixed force feedback gain setting
  • Fixed some rare crashes
  • Fixed peak time demand always showing as 0

  • Improved ultra-wide monitor support
  • Improved performance in China Town area
  • Added automatic performance setting detection
Xbox Hotfix 2.0.4 - Sep. 13, 2021
  • Fixed steering wheel of Setra being inverted
  • Fixed Scania not accessible because of door animations
  • Removing/rebinding of steering wheel buttons work like intended again
PC Hotfix #2 & PS4 Hotfix 2.0.5 - Sep. 10, 2021
  • Steering wheel bindings can now be reset in-game
  • Fixed force feedback gain setting
  • Fixed some rare crashes
  • Fixed peak time demand always showing as 0

  • Improved ultra-wide monitor support
  • Improved performance in China Town area
  • Added automatic performance setting detection

PS4 only
  • Fixed audio in videos not working
The last hotfix for Xbox is still in approval and will follow as soon as possible. Once it is out, we'll release this update also as soon as possible.
PS4 Hotfix 2.0.4 - Sep. 8, 2021
  • Fixed steering wheel of Setra being inverted
  • Fixed Scania not accessible because of door animations
  • Fixed only fanatec steering wheels being recognized
  • Removing & rebinding of steering wheel buttons work like intended again
The hotfix for Xbox is currently in approval and will follow as soon as possible.
PC Hotfix #1 - Sep. 7, 2021
  • Fixed steering wheel of Setra being inverted
  • Fixed Scania not accessible because of door animations
  • Removing & rebinding of steering wheel buttons work like intended again