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Bus Simulator»May 6, 2021
Bus Simulator 21 New Website

Cheers, Bus Drivers! Something seems different here, doesn't it? Well, it's difficult not to notice: We've completely overhauled our website, adding new features, putting on a fresh design, and restructuring the entire layout!

Honestly, it was about time. Our former design looked... antiquated, kinda brought to life from the ruins of old civilizations. While improving it, we've stumbled upon a lot of your feedback regarding what you'd like to see on here. I'm lowkey excited to share some details! Oh, not to be forgotten: We've also moved the website to a new URL, now named "bussimulator.com"!

Wait, what can I expect here?

A lot! Previously, most news were shared either on Steam or on our official Socials. Obviously, we were pretty limited over there: On the Socials, we're suffering under several restrictions like character limits while on Steam, we couldn't talk about the console versions. Disappointing, really...

Not anymore: From now on, we'll share all news, all patchnotes, all behind-the-scenes looks and more on this blog. No need to read twenty Tweets just to find out what's actually included in the latest update. Of course, we'll still share the most relevant bits on our Socials as well - but expect the actual in-depth-stuff to be found over here. Believe me, it's better this way...


No worries, today is a huge day. You've probably already seen it, but we've finally announced the official release date of Bus Simulator 21 - and revealed that Mercedes-Benz will return to the series with more than buses than ever before!

Ahhh, I can't wait to share MORE and MORE and MORE news with you in the months to come. You're in for a ride, believe me!

Should I still follow you everywhere else?

Yeah, of course. After all, what's better than following Bus Simulator EVERYWHERE, right? Well, if you haven't done so yet, check out all our profiles and join the community:


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