Let’s celebrate together: 21 years of Tobii

Promotion»PC»September 8, 2022

Dear fellow bus drivers!

After its great success last year, Tobii has returned to celebrating its anniversary this year once more with great discounts on their eye trackers and exciting collaborations. As part of the eye tracking family, Bus Simulator 21 is also on board offering you a chance to win one of 25 PC keys of the game.

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Tobii Eye Tracking is a great feature in Bus Simulator 21, which enables you to control your buses more realistically in-game with just one glance or head turn thanks to the sophisticated technology of the eye trackers.


  • Control the in-game camera with your eyes and your head to achieve an extended view.
  • Clean UI declutters the game screen of HUD elements when you are not looking at them, allowing you to focus even more on driving your bus.
  • Zoom in with just one glance at the buttons on your dashboard or at a dial and interact with elements of the game by simply looking at them.

Win a copy of Bus Simulator 21

Celebrate with us today as part of their 21 years of Tobii calendar and get the chance to win a key for Bus Simulator 21 on PC by entering the giveaway here.

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